Birth of a Blogger

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am very excited to finally attain this vehicle to share my knowledge and express my opinions on a variety of topics. I may be starting this blog in 2017, but I feel it is a culmination years in the making.

For those who don't know me, I have lived most of my life in Buffalo, NY. At a young age, I decided to pursue a career in medicine because I believed being a physician was the noblest profession of all. I possessed the intelligence, desire and determination to gain admission to and graduate from med school, but medical residency, the three years (or more depending on the specialty) clinical training period between completing med school and obtaining full credentials to practice on your own, was a whole other story. I describe my medical residency experience, including the extraordinary stress, terribly long hours and brutal sleep deprivation, in detail in my book, The Lost Son: A Rock 'n' Roll Road to Redemption, so I won't dwell on it here, but I may discuss aspects of clinical training in future blog posts.

After leaving the medical field, I taught science courses at Trocaire College in Buffalo for nearly three years, and I was quite popular and well respected by the majority of my students. However, I decided my true interest and career goals were rooted in public health. I returned to grad school and earned a Master's degree in the field, and in the ensuing years, I have discovered my passion lies in writing and educating youths through sharing my personal and professional experiences to impart good decision-making skills, shape moral character and help young people entering adulthood achieve their full potential.

While many of my future blogs will discuss health and wellness issues, I will not limit myself to these topics. When something inspires me, be it new music or a thrilling concert I attended, an exciting sports milestone, or an influential pop cultural event, I may want to inject my opinion. But one topic I plan to avoid is politics. I aim to make my blog unifying and uplifting rather than divisive and angry. Besides there are many avenues to get one's fix of political commentary these days, from local and national columnists, to pundits on cable news and even Facebook posts and tweets. One thing I solemnly pledge is to be as truthful as I possibly can. I am by nature (thanks to my mother and Catholic upbringing) honest to a fault. I vow to never willfully issue any "fake news" or "alternative facts." My noble goal is to enlighten and empower my readers by sharing the truth as I see it and not intentionally mislead, deceive or manipulate for personal gain. I intend to be a beacon of hope and scholarly knowledge in a time of turmoil, fear and polarization.

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