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Yesterday, in lieu of a weekly blog post, I intended to share a Buffalo News article focused on a study conducted by the University at Buffalo looking at the effects of man-made chemicals, especially metabolites of antidepressant medications, on fish in Buffalo-area waterways, but I'm not sure if the article was transmitted correctly and thus, whether anybody was able to read it. The gist of the article is that antidepressant metabolites are entering lakes, rivers and streams through the sanitary sewer system, are ingested by fish, and then the chemicals accumulate inside the fish's bodies at high levels. These chemicals have an endocrine-disrupting effect, which can result in preventing fish from reproducing. The massive influx of antidepressant metabolites could not only lead to reduction or potentially extinction of certain fish species, but also a detrimental effect on the entire ecosystem as the food chain is disrupted. Therefore, to prevent this harmful damage to fish species and ecosystems, wastewater treatment plants are going to have to find effective measures for destroying/removing antidepressants and other chemicals before they enter waterways.

Today, I just wanted to post a short message that this morning, for the 4th consecutive year, I will be participating in the annual Alzheimer's walk in Delaware Park to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's disease research in support of my cousin Claudia, who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease in her early 50s and over the past five years, has unfortunately struggled with the ravages of this horrible affliction, progressively declining in memory, communication and motor skills. Many of my family members will be there to take part in the opening ceremony and the 1.7 mile walk. The goal is to eventually find a cure so that others will not have to suffer with this cruel disease in the future.

#AlzheimersDisease #Buffalo #DelawarePark

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